Partner with Us: Volunteer Your Services

Join us at the Alliance for Incarcerated Women in providing essential support services tailored to meet the unique needs of incarcerated women. Our mission is centered on facilitating access to comprehensive care and support for incarcerated women, their families, and advocates. Read on to discover how your expertise as a medical professional, legal expert, or family advocacy specialist can make a significant impact in improving the lives of those affected by incarceration.

Medical Advocacy

AIW partners with medical professionals are committed to enhancing the wellbeing of incarcerated women. Medical Advocates provide:

  • Expert Access: Connect callers with trained medical experts who offer guidance, emotional support, and review of medical records.
  • Advocacy and Communication: Act as intermediaries to decode medical jargon, advocate for patients’ needs with prison staff, and explain their healthcare rights and options.
  • Health Data Collection: Gather data on the health conditions and medical services provided to incarcerated women.
  • Prioritization and Referrals: Assess cases based on urgency and capacity to provide assistance and make referrals to appropriate healthcare providers and services as needed.

Pro Bono Legal Support

AIW partners with criminal defense attorneys and family law attorneys to uphold the rights of incarcerated women. Members of our pro bono legal team provide:

  • Comprehensive Case Management: Conduct intake, screen cases, and schedule client-lawyer communications.
  • Legal Assistance: Assess client needs, gather evidence, prepare legal documents, and represent clients in court.
  • Case Analysis and Documentation: Interview clients and witnesses, verifying claims and gather relevant history to build robust cases.
  • Client Support: Maintain regular communication, document progress, and connect clients with additional resources.

Family Reunification Services

AIW prioritizes the critical role women play in the well-being of families. Family advocacy specialists offer:

  • Visit Coordination and Financing: Assist families in arranging and funding visits to promote positive interactions and facilitate bonding.
  • Communication Facilitation: Support communication through phone calls, video chats, and creative methods like letters, cards, and recordings.
  • Creative Connections: Facilitate shared experiences through activities such as sending arts and crafts, photo albums, and other personal creations.
  • Emergency Commissary Fund: Provide access to essential hygiene items, ensuring dignity and well-being through our emergency commissary fund.

Empowering incarcerated women requires a collective effort. Will you join us? 

The Alliance for Incarcerated Women welcomes passionate individuals and organizations who share our vision of a more just future.  Together, we can create real change. Explore volunteer opportunities, donate to support our work, or simply spread awareness. Every action brings us closer to a world where incarcerated women have the tools they need to rebuild their lives.  Make a difference today.